Critiques of the Draft New Education Policy 2019

On this page, AAM shares the critiques that academics have prepared of the seriously flawed Draft New Education Policy 2019. Responses to this public document have been sought to be received by July 31, 2019 at Links and publicity material will be added as they come along, and we request members of the public to join the several mass campaigns that have been initiated to demand a substantial reformulation of the NEP.

Mass Feedback Campaign by

The sweeping restructuring in the draft has far-reaching conclusions for higher education in India, not the least of which is:

  • a tightening of political control over education and destruction of university autonomy
  • a surrender to global multi-billion-dollar corporate forces, in opposition to national interest and sovereignty
  • a disastrous restructuring featuring a failed four year model
  • a massive hike in tuition fees
  • an unequal structure that forces out those from economically weaker and historically marginalised backgrounds


Useful analytical articles

Campaign Materials

Comments by Linguists

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