The beginning of AAM

It’s been one week since we started a Facebook page called Academics Against Modi, stemming from our conviction that a second term for the Narendra Modi-led BJP/RSS combine will be disastrous for India. Our Facebook page presents the facts of the disastrous impact the Narendra Modi/BJP/RSS government’s policies have had on the economy, polity, society and culture, and poses what the real issues in these general elections should be.

Our  page has received an excellent response. Our page posts data and facts hidden or glossed over in the relentless political and media campaign. All the material we post is fact-checked and verified and are free to be reused by anyone. Already, our posts have already reached over 4 lakh people. We take heart from the fact that there are so many like-minded citizens who see their vote as a democratic choice that must be exercised with responsibility, information, freedom from fear, and equality.

We need your help in the days to come, because we need to spread the truth about the last five years and clear the fog of lies and deception. We request you to send invitations to like/follow this blog to your friend lists so that this election is fought around facts rather than jumlas, critique rather than censorship, data rather than data gaps, and a mutual concern for each other’s welfare, rather than hatred and violence. We post the images under various categories. New material will be uploaded as it is created into each category.


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